Deep Cleaning Guide For A Sparkling Home During Winter

You’ll know winter is around the corner when you experience a drop in temperature, and the days get shorter. This is when you begin to feel the cold breeze and if you love entertaining
guests during this fantastic winter season, it’s time to get your house ready to welcome your loved ones.
Cleaning the house during winter season isn’t everyone’s cup of tea because there’s much to handle. If you are someone assigned with the task of cleaning but don’t know where to begin,
preparing a house cleaning checklist is the way to go. So, prepare your cleaning collections, turn on your favorite playlists, and let’s get started.

Deep Cleaning House Checklist for a Neat & Spotless Home
This house cleaning checklist includes what you should include in your regular winter house cleaning. We break our winter house cleaning checklist down per room, so you won’t get overwhelmed.

– Clean your toilet brushes and holders
This should be done regularly, not only during the winter. But your brushes might get nasty if you constantly keep washing them. GEBI Anti-Bacterial brushes in that case, give 3x extra durability making it a preferred choice for your toilets. It remains in a good condition & empowers you to perform the cleaning tasks without any fuss. Since it is anti-bacterial, you get an extra layer of safety.
– Disinfect and clean the sides of your toilets
The sides of the toilet are rarely cleaned or touched while doing everyday chores. Therefore, it is best to include it in your checklist. Make sure you use products from GEBI’s wide range, especially the Anti-Bacterial one as it will protect you from the dangerous bacteria that are holding back on the sides for days. Get rid of the bacteria like a pro.
– Wipe and disinfect bathroom floors
The floor at your home requires deep cleaning and that applies to your bathroom too. Cleaning your bathroom floors, especially with the GEBI’s Richline Floor Wiper will help in maintaining the health and well-being of your family and the guests whom you’ll be inviting.

– Sweep behind and under appliances
Most of the appliances in the kitchen aren’t stationary as they appear, since they are needed to be accessible whenever repairs are needed. Check your appliances, and try to pull them out. If it can be moved, then you can sweep the uncleaned area with everyone’s preferred Sweepy XL – Dust Free Broom and mop it with GEBI Plastic Round Mop to give that area a clean & shiny look. It is easy to handle and easy to use with great results.

Living Room and Bedroom
– Vacuum the bottom of any furniture
This is about vacuuming the underside of your furniture. Many a times, we don’t include this part when we clean and vacuum our armchair, loveseat, or couch.
However, this is a very important area since dust or any unwanted elements can reside there over time.
– Dust and clean your ceiling fans and light fixtures
Debris and dust can be gathered over time in your ceiling fans and light fixtures. And since, ceiling fans are often used during winter for air circulation, therefore, it is the perfect time to dust them off. Keeping them clean with GEBI’s Deluxe Multi Broom, makes your home more accommodating for those who are allergic to dust and makes it look clean.

Whole House Cleaning Checklist
We’ve covered the basic areas of the house that you need to clean. Now, let’s add some items that you need to function since you would be hosting as many guests in this wonderful season.
• Repaint your house
• Replace smoke alarm batteries
• Clean Vents
• Replace light bulbs if needed
• Change filters
• Scrub and dust surfaces, edges, corners
• Clean mats
• Clean and sanitize sink basins and taps
• Disinfect commonly touched places at home.
As your relatives and friends will be your guest of honor, you’d want your house to be presentable and tidy for your guests. We hope we’ve shared more than enough to guide you with this topic, so you’d have a greater chance of not missing a thing for winter house cleaning.
As the cleaning service prices are somewhat expensive, doing it yourself is a wise decision as GEBI’s wide range of cleaning products is always available at your service.

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