EcoGini – GEBI’s initiative to provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Technology has become a dormant part of everyone’s life. It has also been known to have a direct hand in the rampant increase in air pollution since humans began to travel more with the level of technological advancements. No matter where you go, be it grocery stores, industrial workplaces, or sometimes even our homes are prone to dust or dirt, and they need to be cleaned using the right cleaning tools. Moreover, apart from using the wrong cleaning products, we often use products that are harmful and detrimental to the environment and human health.

Safeguarding our nature is the priority of every human being. For this reason, brands these days are shifting toward more eco-friendly products. However, the cleaning and hygiene industry is still far from making eco-friendly products. Here’s where we make a difference by putting forth our line of eco-friendly products.

At GEBI, we have a comprehensive range of recycled & eco-conscious products, named EcoGini. From brushes to mop, we have taken a step towards keeping our nature safe and clean. GEBI’s EcoGini is an initiative to provide our customers with eco-friendly cleaning products. EcoGini products are made of recycled material, and our commitment to quality is unparalleled. Each and every product under this initiative is made with nature in mind.

Here’s how we tried saving our environment with our EcoGini range. As we all know, the only possible way to save our planet from plastic is to recycle and reuse it. Each and every mop along with brush is made from recycled cotton and plastic. Through this initiative, we intend to use more recycled materials and keep our environment cleaner and greener. Our wide range of products puts us way ahead in innovating solutions for a cleaner world.

GEBI is driven by a passion for maintaining the desired cleanliness and hygiene around us. With over 30 years of experience, we have consistently delivered superior-quality house cleaning products. The EcoGini range has been instrumental in taking places to places and homes to homes. Eco-friendly cleaning products have given families an advantage in attaining the desired level of hygiene. And the success has made GEBI a trendsetter towards using more environmentally friendly house cleaning products.

This approach has empowered us not only to become a household name in India but also to leave a positive impact on the global front too. We export our household cleaning products to many countries and bring about a positive change around the world.

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